I never thought that I would become a person who eats the most in a household. Compared to some of my friends and my family, I really don't eat much. And I eat slowly, too. Maybe that's part of the reasons why I can't eat much.

But things changed when I saw what my roommates ate for a meal. A whole ear of corn for dinner. Two small buns with jam. I thought they were having snacks instead of dinner or lunch when I first saw their meal, but NO! That's what they have for a meal! Look what I have in my bowl: rice, mushrooms, carrots, onion, chicken, lettuce--a full bowl of them!! When I pass by them with my meals, I feel like a pig. ><

Like today, I asked my Italian roommate if she's having dinner. I asked because I saw a sweet potato cut into four, and she's having one of the four pieces. She replied, "No, that's my dinner. You know, I'm going to the gym later, so I'll just have one. That way I won't feel uncomfortable when I work out. But if I don't go to gym today, I might have all four of them."

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