"It's winter," the host announced in the radio program. "No need to check the weather forecast.  I  tell you, it's winter.  Put on socks in bed, have your hot water bottle ready."

He's not kidding. I checked the temperature today. It's between 6 and 11 degrees Celsius. I was even shocked to see yesterday's record:

Time Condition Felt
11:50 PM
Clear 0°C
0°C 31%
12:50 AM
Clear -1°C
-1°C 33%
1:50 AM
Clear -2°C
-2°C 33%
2:50 AM
N/A -1°C
-1°C 33%
4:50 AM
Fog -2°C
-2°C 28%
5:50 AM
Fog -2°C
-2°C 33%
6:50 AM
Partly Cloudy -3°C
-3°C 33%
7:50 AM
Shallow Fog -3°C
-3°C 38%
 Sunrise at 7:53 AM
8:20 AM
Shallow Fog -2°C
-2°C 33%
9:20 AM
Partly Cloudy -1°C
-1°C 33%
9:50 AM
Partly Cloudy 0°C
0°C 34%

No wonder I felt totally frozen and headache this morning. We didn't turn on heating after we went to bed.

And I heard that it has snowed in Germany. Last winter was a warm one, they say, and we international students didn't have chances to see snow flacks flying all over the sky. There is something wrong with global climate.

By the way, for your information, the sky gets completely dark at around 6.30pm recently.
-->to compare with summer

WHY? WHY? Why is it still that warm in Taiwan? And short daytime makes me blue.~
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