I never thought that I would become a person who eats the most in a household. Compared to some of my friends and my family, I really don't eat much. And I eat slowly, too. Maybe that's part of the reasons why I can't eat much.

But things changed when I saw what my roommates ate for a meal. A whole ear of corn for dinner. Two small buns with jam. I thought they were having snacks instead of dinner or lunch when I first saw their meal, but NO! That's what they have for a meal! Look what I have in my bowl: rice, mushrooms, carrots, onion, chicken, lettuce--a full bowl of them!! When I pass by them with my meals, I feel like a pig. ><

Like today, I asked my Italian roommate if she's having dinner. I asked because I saw a sweet potato cut into four, and she's having one of the four pieces. She replied, "No, that's my dinner. You know, I'm going to the gym later, so I'll just have one. That way I won't feel uncomfortable when I work out. But if I don't go to gym today, I might have all four of them."

-_____- |||

Coincidentally, I had some sweet potatos days ago, too. I baked a big one, and made it a meal (lunch around 12). I felt very full--for only about three hours. I was so hungry that I needed to find something else for snacks. Therefore, at dinner, I baked another sweet potato--to be just one of my dishes!! BUT ONLY 1/4 OF THAT SWEET POTATO COULD FEED MY ROOMMATE FOR A WHOLE NIGHT!! What the $%^&*&@)(%*....

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  • Wynne
  • 哈哈哈.....這段太逗了.....讓我即使是在上班偷看<br />
    也忍不住笑出來.........:D<br />
    你就想, 就算吃這麼多, 還是這麼瘦, 看起來這麼年<br />
    輕, 吃多一點也沒差啊~~~~~~<br />
    更何況冬天到了, 更是要多吃一點多存點熱量<br />
  • Rosalind
  • 妳的室友們都是節食主義者嗎?還是考慮省錢呢?<br />
    這樣的食量是要如何過活真的很難理解<br />
    或許因為台灣目不暇給的美食唾手可得,<br />
    台灣人也都吃得不少、吃得也精緻<br />
    只是報導不都說美國人餐餐漢堡、可樂、炸雞、披薩等高熱量食物嗎<br />
    如果吃的這樣少,那些巨無霸先生/女士到底是怎麼回事阿?<br />
    <br />
  • LIRR
  • To Wynne:<br />
    不行啦,冬天到了會有暖氣,不能拿來當藉口...。<br />
    <br />
    To Rosalind:<br />
    你忘記一件事情喔:我們家沒有美國人!大家都是討厭在外面吃才都<br />
    回家自己煮合口味的東西。只是大家都忙,我還沒有機會見到誰在家<br />
    煮整道three-course meal來吃的。連我自己也是亂煮。我不覺得<br />
    他們是刻意省錢,三餐點心還是照樣吃啊!不過真的有人胃口小到那<br />
    個樣子,讓我很驚訝--怪不得每次冰箱裡我的那一區都最滿...<br />